The 30 km of coast constitute one of the main attractions of Albufeira. The wonderful clear sandy beaches and warm waters make the delights of all and form an enviable natural heritage.

In the early 1960, saw the awakening of Albufeira for the tourist phenomenon, when it was visited by international tourists, but it was mainly with the British who prospered. Since then, has developed a great deal the hotel industry in the city. In the Decade of 1980, there was a huge urban outbreak

Albufeira has a unique way of providing welfare to all who visit or live. The city combines the natural richness and tranquillity to a diversified offer of services: Marina, traditional shops, restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, golf, nightlife, health services, etc.

Upon reaching 20 blue flags, Albufeira returned to top level national in what is the most important European environmental award related to the quality of the beaches

Families who choose to live in Albufeira thus have access to a higher quality of life, not neglecting some of the most important aspects such as health and education, to highlight the proximity of Albufeira in relation to two of the most prestigious private schools throughout the region, namely the Vilamoura international school and the international school of Porchesfor all these reasons, it's no wonder that Albufeira is always very well classified in allusive quality of life rankings, regularly held by various organisations and institutions

Albufeira brings together a wide range of cultural events that combine the past to present and provide the city, a unique cultural dynamics. Fisherman's Party is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic festivities in the region. Lasting for three days in September, takes place in Praia dos Pescadores and attracts the crowds with their traditional games, the taverns, folk music and folklore shows

Albufeira's gastronomy is very rich and diversified, partly thanks to tourism that brought many influences from international cuisines. Still, and thanks to its proximity to the sea, shellfish and fish occupy a place of honor at the table of the restaurants and the houses of albufeirenses. The fish stew, rice with seafood and cuttlefish with ink are some of the typical dishes, as regards desserts include sweets made from figs, almonds, gila or carob.

The tourists have in Albufeira, a tourist destination of choice, known for nightlife and warm waters during the day.